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Might be the first time. The beginning.

Might be the first time. The beginning.


Hoping to get one of these for my cranius.



Japanese Cookies & Cream Kit Kat Bar…


Holy shit why don’t they just call this Amy Bell Dreams



Saving the day isn’t a popularity contest. Scott Summers understands that. Sure, he’s a bore. Sure, he kind of sucks at being a husband and father. Sure, he’s so emotionally walled-up that he only dates psychic women who can literally read his mind, relieving him of the responsibility of actually sharing emotions.

Yet, when the X-Men are in trouble, he’s the one who sees a way out. His Boy Scout tunnel-vision can actually BORE A TUNNEL through a mountain. He may be last-picked for the softball team, and Wolverine only takes him out for a beer under EXTREME duress, but that’s okay. Scott is strangely self-aware and cool with his role in the bigger picture. You don’t have to like the guy. Just know that he’ll get you out alive. 

by Rogan Josh

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